Complete Oil Heating System Maintenance Plan

Peace of Mind for Only $27.50/Month or $330 Annually

Preventative maintenance is the easiest way to prolong the life of your energy system.

For small commercial properties, we offer service plans for Heating Oil, Natural Gas & Propane equipment.

Includes the following benefits:

Heating System Tune-Up & Efficiency Test - Just like changing the oil in your car, your heating system should be tuned up annually. Below are the benefits of receiving an annual heating system tune-up:

  • Keeps the system running cleanly and reduces unexpected service calls
  • Increases efficiency of your heating system
  • Saves you money on fuel
  • Prolongs the life of your heating system

Safety Inspection - Your heating system is complex and relies on multiple components to operate properly. A certified technician will ensure all of those components are operating at their factory specifications.

24-Hour Emergency Service (at a 20% discount) - A trained professional will always be available should an unexpected issue ever occur. (see General Conditions)

20% Discount on Repair Bills - Customers will receive a 20% discount on repair bills (excluding system replacements).


General Conditions

1. This Agreement will automatically suspend if the customer ceases to use Company’s heating oil, fails to pay for all heating oil delivered or for repair parts, labor, or other chargeable items when due, or renders or permits anyone other than the Company to perform service to the burner or associated heating equipment, unless so instructed beforehand by the Company. This Agreement cancels and supersedes all prior Agreements between the parties for service. The plan will be automatically renewed annually at the Company's option. The Company maintains the right to modify the plan’s price and/or other terms and conditions effective on the anniversary date. The invoice sent and paid constitutes final Agreement by both parties. Either party may cancel the renewal of the plan with written notice prior to the expiration date. There shall be no obligation upon the Company to perform any service or provide parts after termination of this Agreement. Should this plan be cancelled during the term of the Agreement for any reason, there shall be no refund value. If the customer cancels the Agreement for any reason before the end of the service period, the customer is responsible for the remaining balance on the Agreement. This Agreement is not transferable.

2. This Agreement is offered to all heating oil customers of the Company, subject to inspection and approval of heating equipment. If, on inspection, customer’s heating equipment is found to be obsolete or otherwise unacceptable, the contract coverage will be canceled and a pro-rated refund will be returned to the customer. Any repairs required to place equipment in acceptable condition are excluded and will be charged separately. Prices advertised refer to the majority of residential type burners and shall be limited to those rated at a maximum firing rate of three (3) gallons per hour. Special service Agreements are available for larger domestic or commercial units.

3. This Agreement will become effective immediately following the inspection and approval of the customer’s equipment, as required above, and payment of the Agreement invoice. This Agreement is effective for a twelve (12) month period and will automatically renew itself, unless either party gives prior written notice of termination, or there is a termination under the provisions of condition #2.

4. Enhanced Complete Oil System Maintenance Plans are available exclusively to our customers who are on automatic delivery, who use a minimum of 500 gallons of oil per year, and whose accounts are not past due. Service plans are automatically void and non-refundable if the customer buys oil or service elsewhere or whose account is past due. This Agreement is also void and non-refundable if the customer terminates oil delivery or if entry arrangements are not allowed or are not reasonable.

5. Automatic fuel delivery is a service to our customers, not a guarantee you will not run out of oil. Fuel consumption can vary based on many factors. It is the customers responsibility to regularly monitor their tank level. Please call (781) 444-0279 if your tank level goes below 1/4 full.

6. The Agreement does not cover repair or service to oil burner equipment damaged due to fire, flood, lightening, freezing, other acts of God, or service calls caused by improper setting of thermostats, switches in the“off”position, inadequate water in the boiler, inadequate oil in the tank, or tampering with equipment. The Company’s obligation to furnish parts specifically listed herein shall be subject to their availability through usual sources of supply. Replacement of obsolete items for which parts are not available will be done on a time and materials basis.

7. The Company warrants that all service performed under this Agreement shall be in a good and workmanlike manner, and all parts installed shall be fit for their particular intended use. The Company shall be liable solely for repair to the heater and burner and related equipment caused by its negligence, but not otherwise, and under no circumstance shall the Company be liable for any consequential or resultant damage or injury (including death) to persons or property, nor for damage resulting from defective heaters or burners, or for loss or damage resulting from operation or non-operation of said equipment. Delays in performing service, making repairs or installation of parts because of strikes, accidents, explosions, shortages, or other conditions beyond the control of the Company shall excuse the Company from performance of this agreement.

8. The customer will receive an annual $20 discount for each bundled maintenance plan upon renewal.

9. Emergency Service is defined as first available service and will be billed at normal business hour rates (8am-5pm). Emergency Service provided on holidays and/or outside of normal hours will be subject to EStar Energy's prevailing rate of 1-1/2 times, minimum 1 hour. The customer will receive 20% discount on applicable labor rate.

10. All parts and labor will be discounted 20% from our flat rate pricing system. The 20% discount on service repairs is not eligible towards new equipment installations.

11. All promises and understandings are contained in this agreement. No additional promises on the part of the Company or modifications to this agreement shall be binding unless made in writing and executed by an authorized representative of the Company.